Why addicted to rubber ?

This is my true story about how I became a gay boy addicted to rubber. I was born and raised in the peninsula of Jutland, Denmark. I have know I was gay since I was about thirteen years old. I started to come out of the closet when I was about twenty years old.

One thing is being a young gay boy and come out of the closet. Another thing is to love latex, and be public about that. Of course you don’t have to reveal your fetishes and fantasies to friends and family, but it might be a relief to do so.

I have told most of my friends that I am addicted to rubber. I haven’t told my parents. I think it is something they don’t need to know.

Young rubber boy

Seeing people in rubber has turned me on since I can remember. I think I was around my late teens when I started to gain interests in latex.

Back then it wasn’t as easy as today to find information about living a life, addicted to rubber. The Internet wasn’t as informative like today.

The first time I experienced rubber in real life was a time me and two girl friends went to an erotic event.

I actually bought a pair of rubber underwear. I remember feeling aroused like I was in heaven first time wearing them.

The fun part was that the rubber underwear was cheap, and of a bad quality. But I was turned on by them like I haven’t experienced before.

I used them several times, and started to search for underwear and jockstraps like the underwear I bought. I found that N2N Bodywear made some jockstrap in a black rubber look a like material. I bought those and used them along with a black rubber look a like shirt from Gregg Homme. It wasn’t the real thing, but it was way cheaper than real rubber – and it turned me on.

In the beginning of my twenties I went to Hamburg for a three day trip with my boyfriend. He was a bit more experienced in the “black universe” and he introduced me to gay bars and places where people where into leather, rubber and other fetishes.

We went to a specific place in Hamburg. A place that later on should be my favourite place to be a real rubber boy and enjoy my fetish together with other people.

The first time going to S.L.U.T. Club in Hamburg I was more like an observer than really participating in anything. I was a bit shy, but after we went home I kept thinking of the place and what I had seen there.

The next day we went to a store in Hamburg with stuff for people into leather, latex and uniforms. I tried on different things and found a pair of rubber pants and a shirt to go with it. I chose clothe with a yellow stripe. I knew yellow meant that you are into piss, and it turned me on the most of the colors you could choose from. I was so turned on and looking forward to going back to the club again later this evening.

When arriving to the club, getting in to the rubber clothes was a bit of a challenge. Luckily I had my boyfriend to assist me. I then used a special liquid I bought to make the rubber shine. I put on some hot sneakers and joined the “show”.

When I went to the bar I instantly felt that this was it! I was really addicted to rubber. This was the first time to really be a rubber boy. I was high like never before. We chatted with people. We experienced a lot of action, without actually taking part of it.

When we got back from Hamburg I started to search for information about how to take care of my rubber, and store it correctly. I have later expanded my collection of rubber clothe and other equipment so I now have quite a collection.

It is really hard to explain why you are addicted to rubber. It is the feeling of the material, the smell of it and how you feel when wearing it. I have found out that when in rubber I feel like becoming someone else. It arouses me.

Me being a rubber boy is the reason I have started this website. To explore the universe of rubber and to share my knowledge with other people into the same thing or wants to know about it.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do !

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  1. I became a rubber boy at age 3 when a rubbersheet was placed on my bed to keep the mattress dry. I diapered myself in the rubber sheet. It felt so good. I pined my underpants to my undershirt to hold the rubber diaper in place. My peepee was already standing straight up and very hard. I could feel my heartbeat in my peepee; with each beat, my peepee would pulse up… up… up. I wasn’t sure how people react to this so I put my bib overalls on over the rubber diaper, suspendered up by my homemade suspension underpants. And so began my life as a rubber boy.

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