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If you think you are into rubber and want to buy your own clothe, there are some things to consider- and be aware of.

First you of course you need to know what sort of clothe you want. What kind of rubber boy are you? – and what is the purpose of your rubber suit. Use a moment and think about these things:

  • Where you want to dress in rubber? – In the streets, at home, only when having sex, or at clubs?
  • How you want to dress? – As you do everyday, just in rubber? As a Master, a slave, a puppy or a pig?
  • Shall it be in one-piece or as individually parts?
  • Are young going to have sex in your rubber? – anal sex or only blowjobs?
  • Will you have any fetish-code (color)?

When you have thought about what you will look like, the next part is to find your size. Because we are talking about latex, your size in latex might not be the same as when in jeans and shirt. It is very important to find the right size. It must not be too small or too big. It has to fit for your experience.

You may try to measure your size. I believe the best way to find you right size, is going to a store where you are able to try it on. I have listed different stores- and website in the bottom.

Another thing you have to consider is whatever you need zipper in front and/or in the back of your pants. If you are going to have sex, I recommend that you find pants with a three-way zipper. This way you can open both to your “pride” and your “bum”. For convenient access.

When you buy your first rubber, remember to buy som accessories needed to take care of your latex clothe. You well need to store you latex dark, dry and not too hot. I use a garment bag to store my rubber clothes. You will also need something to clean your latex with. You may just use soap. I recommend you clean it with a product that is used for latex. You might also want some shining oil. This is to get the perfect rubber look. Finally you need either talcum powder or maybe oil for easier getting your latex on.

I always buy my rubber at Homoware in Copenhagen or at Mr. Chaps in Hamburg. Homoware is both a real store and an online shop. Mr. Chaps only has a physical store.

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