Wearing your rubber in public ?

One question my friends sometimes ask me is whatever I am wearing my rubber gear in public. If I ever put my latex on and walk down the streets or other places.

I think it depends upon who you are and what kind of latex you are wearing. 

I like to flash my gear in places where I know it is okay. It might be in a club, a private place or maybe at a parade. Sometimes I do wear my gear in public places where regular people might see me. Then I use gear that might look odd to people who doesn’t know much about it, but gear that will offend nobody.

I have seen people at gay parades wearing rubber gear. It is perfectly normal, but may be hot, especially during the summer or in warmer climate. Remember to drink a lot of water! I have seen people dress up looking casual, but in rubber. I have seen Masters and slaves. I have seen people dressed up as dogs and much more. When you are into rubber like I am, you get turned on by seeing other people flashing their gear.

What I do the most is to be among other people into the rubber fetish. We dress up in our gear and do things privately. It doesn’t have to end up with hot action sex. Sometimes we have dinner together, enjoying wine and listen to music. Just like other people in regular clothes might do.

My conclusion is that you are able to wear your rubber in many places and in many ways. But I recommend people to remember that now everybody likes seeing a boy wearing rubber tank and jockstrap. Don’t offend people J

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