Want some poppers ?

You may already know it or at least heard a little of it. Some people and eschpeially gay guys se poppers when having sex. I will try yo tell you more about it and even help you get and use poppers.

First I have to inform you that poppers might be illegal in your country. Therefore I suggest that you take your time to understand the legislation regarding drugs in your country.

What is poppers ?

Poppers or ‘alkyl nitrites’ as the chemical class is called. Most widely poppers include the original isoamyl nitrite or isopentyl nitrite, and  isopropyl nitrite.

Where to get poppers ?

It might not be easy to get your hans on some poppers. As I mentioned poppers are illegal in many countries. However they are often sold in sex clubs and some sex shops. You may even order it online, but again be aware of the legislations in your country.

How to use poppers during action ?

Poppers are primarily used for inhalation. You apply the bottle under you nose in inhale. You may inhale for 5-10 seconds. Hold your breath and then exhale. Then you will experience a short time rush lasting for up to maximum a few minutes.

Dont drink it or have it come in contact with your skin ! As the substance is highly corrosive the if getting in contact with your skin – immediately rinse with water. If drinking seek medical attention immediately !

Are there any risks using poppers ?

For decades organisations have warned against poppers. I have to say that it might not do any good for your health, but no clear documentation has been made according to the risk factor.

The only permanent risk I have read about is the risk of getting blind. I have only seen this on the danish health organisations website and with very little evidence to prove the assertion.

Even though you may not experience any permeant risk using poppers, you may feel headache shortly after using poppers.

The last warning I will give you is that you should never mix poppers and viagra! It may cause fainting, stroke or heart attack because it causes the blood pressure to drop.

My personal experience with poppers

I uses poppers on a regular basis. It gives me a great rush while having sex. I use it in clubs at home and other places. A bottle will last for a long time, but after some days the effect will go away and its time for a new bottle. I know there might be a risk but I consider it very low.

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