Life as a rubber boy, part 3 – Hamburg day 1

A friend with benefits and me had chosen to drive to Hamburg, and have a hot weekend. We had already been there a few times before. What made this trip a bit special was that I was going to buy my first rubber outfit.

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When going to Hamburg together there is several elements of the trip. To get away from home, spend some time together and some hot stuff in the late hours.

We drove of, heading towards Radisson Blu in the center of Hamburg. We had a three hour trip ahead of us. As soon as we had hit the road we talked like haven’t seen each other for ages. We always had a lot to talk about – not the least the weekend and what it would be like. We also spend some time talking about what kind of rubber wear I should buy. I was really looking forward to try some really rubber wear on my skin.

My friend is not into being in rubber. He doesn’t mind that I am wearing it. He is more into sport outfit and sneakers.

The closer we got towards Hamburg the more excited I became. I was really looking forward to what was about to happen.

We checked in at the hotel, and received a very nice room. I always stay at this hotel when in Hamburg. The hotel is very close to the city center, and has some very nice rooms. The only downside is that you have to pay for parking.

We just left our suitcases in the room, and headed directly towards the gay district where gay shops and clubs are located. Its about 15 min when taking the s-train. Very smooths especially if the weather is not so good. This day the weather was perfect. Sunshine and 25 degrees.

When reaching the gay district we started having som lunch. We found a nice cafe and ordered a light meal and cold beer.

After having a nice lunch and cold beer, we headed for the first shop. Brunos, a gay shop with both adult toys, porn movies and clothings and lifestyle products. I have often bought clothes and gay movies at this store. I didn’t found anything today, therefore we headed towards the next store..

Next stop was Mr. Chaps. If you aren’t familiar with the shop, its in a basement. I really like the interior design. They are selling stuff targeted for fetish guys. They are selling mostly leather, rubber, uniforms, metal and so on. We started browsing thru the store, also their second hand section. Like I said before, I really like the interior. The store is divided in sections in each their room.

After browsing for some time, we headed the the latex section. Just the smell of latex aroused me. I think you know what I am talking about when into rubber…

After going thru their entire collection quite a few times, I chose some skinhead pants and a polo shirt. I chose with yellow trim, without thinking that much about the colors.

I went to the dressing room, and had the largest challenge so far. Putting on latex can be a big challenge. Doing it for the first time is a real struggle! It took me some time, but I succeeded. The result was amazing! The feeling of it liftet me in an indescribable way. I was turned on like never before. The outfit was perfect and fitted me perfectly. My friend agreed upon the size and complimented my choice of wear.

When finally out of the rubber suit once again, we browsed through their accessories. I asked the clerk about caretaking. He told me to use talc to easier put on the clothings. Then to shine it afterwards with a special oil that would make it shine perfectly. He also explained to me how to clean the set. What a service for someone who is not used to dealing with latex wear.

After paying for the goods, and a nice chat with the salesman, we head back to the hotel. We wanted a powernap before the upcoming evening. After a short nap we made us ready a nice, hot eventing.

We packed our gear and headed once again towards the gay district. Once again we took the s-train to the central station. We found a nice restaurant where we had a decent meal and some good glasses of wine. The time was about 22 and the club was about to open.

We paid the entrance fee and headed toward the room to put on our gear. I dressed up in my all new latex gear. My friend helped me oil my gear to give it a perfect shine. Then I put on a pair of white sports socks and DC sneakers. Ready for a hot evening.

I had not ut much thought to what the evening was gonna be like. I was still new in the game. Hadnt been to clubs in my rubber gear before, and not that many times in a club like this. We had a few beers at the bar, and tried to figure out what was going on.

After having a few beers we decided to explore the club. We had been there a few times before. We wanted to see who was attending tonight.

Actually a lot of men had chosen to visit the club this evening. My friend and I ended up in a dead end, that served the purpose to give blowjobs to randoms guys. The room had a lot of holes.

Except from us a few other guys was in the room. One of them felt my rubber. What a feeling! He zipped down my crotch my dick came out for full attention. I was completely hard just by that. Without saying anything he started blowing my dick.

Yet another guy in the room zipped down to my ass. My friend knew that rimming turned me on. He therefore ordered the other guy to lick my ass. Both a hot blowjob and a deep rimming. I was in heaven.

However, I chose to stop the game before blowing my load. I wanted the show to last.

We went back to the bar. Had another beer and just tried to take in all the vibes and outfit people was wearing. I was amazed by all the fetishes. Some was in leather. Some was naked. Some was in sports outfit – I could keep going.

I needed to head for the toilet. I saw and elderly man on the floor wearing t-shirt and jockstrap. He was completely soaked. Another guys was staring next to him with his dick out. shortly after he just pissed over the man on the floor. What a sight!

I headed for the regular urinal. However the guy getting pissed on, turned me on. I led my piss flow into the urinal. Before I was done pissing, another two guys entered the toilet. They just walked directly to the man on the floor. They pissed on him and in his open mouth. He drank some of it. I was amazed.

I went back to my friend. He had started chatting with a fellow dane. He was also attending the club with a friend of his.

I chose to explore the place a bit on my own. I went down into the basement. I heard someone piss on somebody. Then suddenly a young guy was sitting in front of me. He started feeling and worshipping my rubber. I instantly zipped down, grabbed my dick and put it in his mouth. He sucked it good. I asked if he liked piss. He didn’t say anything. I started to let the piss go. He drank it. I didn’t need to piss that much.

When the flow stopped he started sucking my dick once again. I got hard right away. He sucked my dick. He licked down my legs and up again – all over my rubber. He was completely turned on.

It didn’t last that long before I shot my load in his mouth. It was the best experience I ever had up to that date.

I went back to my friend. I had cum several places on my latex pants. Probably from the other men watching us in the dark. An amazing experience!

We had another beer before leaving, heading back home to our hotel. We hadn’t been in the club that long, but it had been the best thing ever! I was in heaven!

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