Life as a rubber boy – part 2

This is the second part of my personal story. Developing from a “just out of the closet boy” to a real rubber boy, becoming more and more like a perv.

I hope you will enjoy reading my stories. It will develop over time. Remember that this is my true story. Enjoy your reading…

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After our visit to the “sex trading show” and our play at home afterward, our sexgames slowly developed. I looked throughout the internet for hot outfits. I was looking for a lot of different things, often ended up looking at rubber clothings. I had a hard time, ordering online. I couldn’t really figure out my size, and it was hard to see the quality of the clothes.

After some time, I came across some clothings that looked a lot like the real stuff, but was way cheaper. It wasn’t real latex, but some look-a-like. I added it to my “shopping basket” along with some other hot stuff. Among that, some Andrew Christian swimwear that didn’t leave much to the imagination.

I saw myself as quit a kinky guy, who enjoyed wearing hot, sexy outfit in places where you might get caught. It could be going to the beach, wearing swimwear where you had a massive bulge, or maybe to the city with extreme sagging pants and hot underwear underneath. I tried out a lot of stuff with my boyfriend.

When the package with my newly ordered swimwear arrived, the first thing I did, was to try it on. My boyfriend loved seeing me in my new swim briefs. It really showed my bulge. We talked a bit of what to do. My boyfriend suggested that we head for the local swimming hall. My new swimming briefs where sexy, but not in a way they could deny me wearing them in the swimming hall.

We drove off. I was anxious and horny at the same time. Vi came into the locker rooms. Not that many people where at the lockers with us. I put on my Andrew Christians, adjusted my now very big bulge, and went into the hall.

My boyfriend suggested we swam some lanes. I guess it was to having me walked through the entire swimming hall, showing off my bulge, and of course to exercise a bit. After swimming 40 lanes, we chose to head for the hot tub.

The hot water and the bubbles felt great. Very relaxing. Except from us, three other guys where in the tub. I felt my boyfriends hand coming to my bulge. Feeling it, squeezing it a bit. It was hot in a way I had never before experienced.

My dick slowly grew. To sit here with other people watching us. They probably couldn’t see what was going on. It was so hot. I think maybe the man who sat nearly in front of us had some clue of what was happening, but I don’t know for sure.

After some time in the hot tub, we had to leave. My dick had grown to nearly full erection. I was a little nervous to get up, and at the same time I thought it was hot too. People was nearly forced to see my bulge. We head for the locker rooms and showers. I slowly took off my swim briefs. My dick came to attention. Nearly completely hard. What an incredible feeling to be staying there, both hot and embarrassing at the same time. It made me horny.

We went for the steam room. Three other guys where sitting in there. I sat at the lower bench, across a 20-ish year old boy.

In the beginning I was just leaning back, against the wall. After some time, I couldn’t resist it any more. I put my hands on my thigh. I move my hands around, sometime brushed my dick/balls. My dick had grown again. Not completely hard, but getting there. I could see that the guy across from me stared. That really turned me on.

After some time, one of the guys left the room. Now it was just the four of us left. It sort of let things loose. The guy who had been sitting in the far top, came down and sat to my right. The 20-ish year old boy was still sitting across me, and my boyfriend at my left side.

I now concentrated even more about my dick. Pulled back a little. That made it almost completely hard. The boy across me now had a full hard on. So fucking hot. My boyfriend started playing with his dick.

Here I was, now completely hard and horny like I had never been. Sitting here with guys I had ever seen before. I haven’t even talked to them. Now jerking off. It didn’t last long before the guy on my right put a hand on my thigh. I let him. It was so hot. He pinched my nipples. Now took a grip on my dick and jerked it. I was in heaven.

It didn’t last long before I was about to explode. I asked if he was close. He nodded and sort of grunted a yes. I asked if he would shoot his load over me. He didn’t say anything. I thought it could be so hot to be plastered with hot cum from a strangers dick.

After another couple of minutes, jerking off. The guy sitting next to me stood up and stood in front of me, still jerking. Then it happened. Four blasts hit me. In my face, my chest and little on my dick. He stood a little. He thanked and left.

That was something that turned one the boy sitting in front of me. He came over tome. I leaned a bit forward, and took his dick in my mouth. It tasted wonderful. A bit salty and of his precum It didn’t last long before he shot his load in my mouth. A little of it ran down me cheek. He smiled at me and left.

Then it was just my boyfriend and me left in the room. My boyfriend guided my head to his dick. I sucked it good. It didn’t last long for him to shoot his load in my mouth. I loved it.

We stayed there a little before we left, and had another shower. I could sure use it. I hadn’t cum yet. But I sure did that later on, back home.

A very hot session for me. It happened several times over the next years. Not always with action like this, but I liked sitting with a more or less hard on in the steam room.

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