Life as a rubber boy – part 1

This is my personal story. This is the story of me becoming a real rubber boy. Today I see myself as a rubber pig taking orders from Masters.

This is part one of my story. There are many more stories to come in the future – I just need to write them down for you to read.

This is the true story – however some names and places are changed due to other peoples privacy. I hope you will enjoy reading it !

My previous boyfriend and I had decided to attend a sex trading show. We had never tried such a thing before, but we where curious to discover what it was all about.

At the time we already had a bit of a kinky sex life. We had sex in places where strangers could discover us. I liked being in daring underwear, swimwear and jockstraps. We had already been playing a bit with piss. We where both active and passive as partners and loved to try new things.

Back to the story. We drove to Aarhus, the second-largest city in Denmark. The show was for both men and women. We didn’t know much about it before attending. We where looking forward to see what it was all about.

We arrived at the show. We walked around, looking at the different stands and erotic things goring on. Different companies where there to show their stuff. Most of the stuff was for girls and hetero couples. However we tried to get as much knowledge as possible.

We found a place with a lot of sm equipment and toys. That caught our interest. I found a ballstretcher that I had to buy. I had seen these in movies, but never tried one myself. The lady at the store was sorry for not having more metal toys with her today.

We went on to another floor. Here we found a stand from a local gay sm-club. We talked about their place and being into leather, sm and so on. Very nice people actually. We hadn’t attended a sm-club yet but I would love to try that some day.

Just before leaving we found a guy who sold rubber briefs. I was very curious about this and had to get a pair. We had never tried anything with latex gear, but I was into it instantly. My boyfriend thought it was okay. I guess what turned him on was seeing how I reacted to rubber.

We drove back home. We opened a bottle of wine and sat down in the sofa to talk about what we had just experienced. I was pretty late but it didn’t matter. We where pretty horny and decided that I should try the rubber briefs on. At the same time I should try the ballstretcher.

I went for myself to put on my ballstretcher. It wasn’t as easy as I thought. After quit a few attempts I succeeded in getting it on. I thought it looked so hot! I put on my rubber briefs and went back into the livingroom. I had a glass of wine while sitting in my new gear. My boyfriend complimented it and asked how it felt.

After talking for maybe an hour and had become very horny we went to out bedroom. He felt me up real good. Touched my briefs and squeezed my bulge a bit. I had become hornier than I had ever been.

He played with my bulged for some time then pulling down my briefs. I was now on the bed just wearing ballstretcher. He touched my dick, felt the ballstretcher and squeezed my balls. I was rock hard in a way I had never felt before. I had him squeeze my balls even more.

He went down on my dick. He sucked it and jerked it. Hi hit my balls. It went on for some time. I was in a state of being horny where I was in heaven.

After some play I came like never before with some big squirts. Shortly after he came too.

It was my best sex experience to date. I will never forget what we did and how it felt. I had to take off my ballstretcher. It was beginning to hurt a bit.

My first experience with rubber. It was not the best quality – but it turned me desire in for more gear in rubber.

This is the end of the first part of my personal story. I hope you enjoy reading it and will come back for more.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Love hearing you discover rubber as your fetish, it’s awesome for sex, especially rubber chaps and a full catsuit with arse access.

    I have been into rubber for the past few years having been into leather a lot longer. Rubber is awesome and I want to find a fb sub or better still a bf into the same. I’m south of London, England

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