How to meet other rubber boys ?

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It can be hard to find other people into the same fetishes as your self. Some fetishes more people are into or accept. I find that most gay people accept guys wearing rubber clothes. However it might be hard to find an exact match. To find people have latex clothes and toys.

I will try to list places to find other guys into the same – finding guys into wearing rubber. To be honest it is not the easiest part to find the exact match in your neighborhood. You may be lucky, but often you have to go places or travel a bit. In the larger cities you will find rubber boys of course.

Grab your phone and track rubber boys

One way is to use the apps designed for your phone, to find other people like you. I use both Grindr and GayRomeo. I have experienced that GayRomeo in mostly northern europe have more fetish people than Grindr. However in the US and southern Europe I have manage to find several people on Grindr.

I have had the best luck finding rubber boys in Germany. There I used GayRomeo with great success.

Do it the old fashion way and go out for a beer

Another less- and even more successful way is to put on your gear and just head for a gay bar and grab a beer. I have done so in Copenhagen, Hamburg and Playa del Ingles in the Canary Islands. Some people might give you quit a look, but I see that as part of the fun. Some other might be interested in chatting with you. Most larger cities even have gay fetish clubs. I find these to be the best ways to meet people wearing rubber. I often head for S.L.U.T. in Hamburg to wear rubber and be a part of a community.

Of course it requires some experience and to be a bit bold to just wear your rubber in public. Depending upon what type you wish to wear, nobody will give a shit. Okay okay I know that if you wear it in the country-side or less gay friendly countries you might get some stares or even get yelled at. Take caution and use your own good judgement !

Use the fetish- and datingsites on the internet

The best way to establish friendships and even more is to use the sites made for it. You might use regular gay dating sites or go a bit deeper and use fetish sites made just for the “dark environment”. I have tried to collect the best social websites for you and listed them here.

Please ! if you know about other places to meet up with other rubber boys, contact me and let me know! You may write me at

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