How to dress in rubber?

Especially when you are new, it is not easy to find the proper outfit. Of course you may find a hot pair of pants or maybe a shirt. The big question is how to create the best or maybe the perfect outfit. On this page I will try to give you advises of how to- and what to wear.

Dress yourself as a young sports lad. Wearing rubber socks, shorts and a tank top is always super hot. Complete the outfit with some hot sneakers or maybe soccer shoes. Then walk around in public. Feel the fabric become one with you. Your biggest concern might be how to hide your excitement.

Dress up in pants, shirt and some outworn Nike sneakers. Then take a walk a hot evening or visit a friend. This is one of my favorite outfits. It gives me please and at the same time I think I am able to wear the outfit among other people not neccesarily into rubber.

Or maybe dress up as a rubber pig into hot action. Wear a mask so people are not able to see your face. Use a mask without eyes to make it even more hot. I often dress in rubber, wearing mask with just a hole for my mouth and nose. This to being able to fantasies about who it might be. A less hot man suddenly become whoever you wish.

Be with your friends, have a glass of wine. Do whatever two friends do together. It doesn’t always have to be about sex. Rubber is a lifestyle many of us desire to live 100%. Be a rubber guy and feel the excitement.

This was it for this one. I hope you got some inspiration. Check out the pictures below – or check the gallery.

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