How to dress in rubber? 2

Once again I will try to give you ideas of how to dress in rubber. Whatever you are a first-timer or 100% rubber boy I am sure you can find inspiration from these boys.

First I will like to show you how to hide your rubber. It might be when you walk in public, or maybe if you wear your rubber at work. I believe the easiest part is hiding it under sweatpants and sweatshirt. I prefer my sweatpants shiny of course. Some people have jobs that requires a special dresscode. However it is possible to put jeans and shirt upon your rubber suit. Then you are able to be a 100% rubber boy.

For a hot night I prefer to be 100% in rubber. It requires pants, shirt and a mask. There are several ways to do this depending on what you are into. If you are into breath control an old-fashion gas mask is desirable. If you are into piss play a regular rubber mask with hole for mouth is to prefer.

Being in a one-piece suit is really hot. It requires some skills to put on, but after that everything is just rubber. Then you can play with other rubber boys and feel how plain rubber against rubber feels.

Then its time for some hot pictures to find inspiration by.

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