Hanky Code – Colors of fetish

The Hanky code (also known as handkerchief code or bandana code) is a color-coded system employed in the gay rubber ad fetish community to indicate preferred sexual fetishes and roles.

Hanky Code

In this code, each color refers to a specific sexual preference / fetish

Originally to indicate the color, gay men used a bandanna (handkerchief) put in the back pocket, but today are widespread wrist bands, armbands, bootlaces and stripes on clothing (leather trousers, shirts, ecc..)

Left or Right ?

A relevant element of Hanky code is the location: wear a color on the right indicates a bottom role while wearing a color on the left indicates a top role.

This “position” code is also common outside of the hanky code, and is used in the gay rubber, fetish and BDSM combined with objects: whips, hood, cuffs, etc.

So, if you see a guy with the handcuffs attached to the left side of his belt, it will mean that he likes to handcuff (top part), while if you see someone with a whip attached to the right side of his belt this will mean that he likes to be whipped (bottom part).

Most common colors

Color Worn on left Worn on right
BLACK SM Top SM bottom
CHARCOAL Latex Latex
GREY Bondage Top Bondage bottom
YELLOW, Bright Will piss Takes piss
RED Will fist Fist me
BROWN Scat gives Scat receives
BLUE Will fuck you Fuck me

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