Hamburg, Germany

The second largest city in Germany is Hamburg. This is my favorite place to visit and be a rubber boy. I try to come here three to four times a year. Hamburg has all what i expect a nice rubber city should have. From bars, clubs and shops to a cool and friendly enviroment.


Hamburg has a well developed infrastructure with trains, metro and busses. You are able to land at Hamburg Airport, take the train to the city center in less than 30 min. When at the city center you may tranport you around by s-train or metro. It is very easy and cheap. You may also take your car, and park at hotels etc. average price per day for parking will be around 15 EUR.


There are several ways to stay in Hamburg. You will finde hostels for around 50 EUR/night and four-star hotels for around 150 EUR.

I always stay at Radisson BLU, just a walk away from the gay district. The trainstation Dammtor is just next to the hotel and one stop away from Hauptbahnhof.


At the gay district you will find many gay- and gay friendly bars. Worth to mention is “Thomas Keller” a bar that looks like bars did in the seventies. It is very cosy, friendly service and not too expensive.

Contact-Bar(Google Maps) is a nice bar where “things” may happen. The people visiting this bar is of all ages – young and old.

TOMS Saloon(Google Maps) a hot place to go if you wanna have a drink and meet other people. This is both a bar and cruising area. You may put on your rubber, but there is no dresscode at this place.


S.L.U.T. Club(Google Maps) is my favorite bar- and cruising place. There might be a strict dresscode, but mostly you are able to wear your rubber. You will find out that this place has all the things a rubber boy can wish for. Hot bar, cruising areas, dark rooms and much more in this two-floor place. You may read about this place in my personal stories.


Brunos(Google Maps) is a store for gay people. You find a selection of books, movies, clothes, accessories and also sex toys and porn movies. This is a fantastic store to find everyday gay stuff and sex toys. They don’t sell rubber, but I love the store anyway.

Mr Chaps(Google Maps) is the perfect shop for you into rubber. They are holding a nice collection of rubberwear and accessories. You both find new clothes and second-hand. I love to walk through their basement-store. Even a visit turns you on. You find leather, rubber, uniforms, metal and more in this store. The prices are very reasonable and a professional staff.

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