Copenhagen, Denmark

The first place I will write about is the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. The reason I will start telling you about this city is because this is were my gay rubber journey has started. Copenhagen is a very gay friendly city, home to about 1.300.000 people. I will try to tell you what I think you should see if you are a gay rubber boy, loose in Copenhagen.


The infrastructure of Copenhagen is very good. If you come by plane Copenhagen Airport is just 15 min away from the city center- and gay district by train or metro.


You will find several hotels and hostels throughout Copenhagen. Price range goes from around 30-70 EUR for hostel and 100-300 EUR for a three/four star hotel. If you are going to visit the bars and clubs in the gay district I recommend that you choose a hotel near the central station. Good places to stay is “First Hotel Kong Frederik”, “The Square” or “First Hotel Twenty-seven”.


Copenhagen is home to many gay- and gay friendly bars. I have listed the ones i think you should pay a visit. Remember that going to a bar in Denmark is not cheap. A local beer will cost you around 6 EUR.

Central Hjørnet(Google maps) is the oldest gay bare in the world. Its history stretches back more than 100 years. This is not just a bar, but also a cafe with a cosy events going on from time to time.

Jailhouse CPH(Google maps) is one of my favourite bars. With its dark and prison-like atmosphere it is exactly what I want in a gay bar.

Masken Bar(Google maps) is considered one of the best gay bars in the city. The bar is in two floors but not too big. You will often find a lot of tourists in this place.

Men’s Bar(Google maps) simple, black decor with a raw atmosphere. You may find people in leather here, but everyone is allowed.


You will find several clubs in the city. There is only one dedicated to leather, rubber and other men alike.

SLM-Copenhagen(Google maps) is one of the largest clubs in Scandinavia. SLM is a fetish club for men in leather, rubber, sports or outfit that fits into their dress code. If you wanna flash your gear, this is the place to go. They are not open everyday, and they run special events. Check out their website for more information about upcoming events.


You are able to find several shops around the city. If your are looking for a place to supply you with latex ware ore supplies, you will find only one real store for you.

Homoware(Google maps) hold a nice collection of rubber clothes and accessories. The staff is super friendly and helpful. Whatever if you have never had any rubber or just wanna browse their collection. This is the place to go.

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