Confessions of a rubber perv pig


Thank you for reading my story. I hope you will continue till the end of it. I want to tell you nothing but the truth about my deepest piggiest and perv self. I will start appologysing for my bad english. I am born in Northern Europe, and english is my second/third language.

I will start out when I first realised I might be gay. I was 8 years old. I remember laying in the living room, dreaming about my cousin(wearing just speedos) and getting a boner. At the time a didnt think about it as me being gay. It came much later. Back then I just enjoyed the feeling. It was way before I learned about jerking off.

Back then I was rather skinny, guess I was about 140cm tall and weighed about 30kg. I lived in the country-side on a farm. Unfortunatly my father was diagnosed with epilepsy and lost his driving license for a period of time. We had to sell the farm and move to the city. Maybe city is not the proper word for it, maybe a small village or the outskirt of it. We rented a house near a lake. And this is where my next memory takes place.

At this time I was around 9 years old. I became more and more aware about sexuality. Not that I was even thinking about being gay, but I started dreaming about wearing speedos and shiny wear. I remember dressing myself in my mothers black bikini, dreaming of it as a speedo brief. Back in the 90s Denmark it wasnt usual for boys to wear speedos. My mother bought swim shorts for me.

I remember wearing my mothers black bikini often, and even licked the fabrick. It got me turned on – even before I knew about being gay, or even about sex at all.

You might be thinking where is all this going? I dont really know, but I am sure is has something to do with how I developed as a boy, a genuine rubber pig.

When I was 10 I started exploring my body. Back the I didnt have Internet, but I remember finding a book in one of my moms boxes in the basement. The book was in some way about sex. I was browsing throu it and saw a lot of pictures. The ones I was focusing was of men and their dicks. I remember seeing a really huge dick. Thinking about it today, it might have been a record-holder. I remember getting aroused in a way I had never before experienced. I didnt know about jerking off, but I kept coming back to the basement for the book.

Not much interesting happened before I turned 12. I had a close friend, Lars, he was a year older than me, and much more mature. We always hang out together. We played a lot of computer games, told eachother stories and did a lot of stuff together. I canĀ“t exactly remember what led to it, but now some real action is about to happen. (Or what you call action between 12/13 year old boys).

We started talking about sex. And development of our bodies. Like I started telling you about, I was rather skinny. Lars was big in many ways. He wasnt exactly fat, but more “big built” if you could say that. Tall, muscular, and just big. We didnt just talk about sex. We showed eachother our dicks. I remember thinking mine was tiny. When looking at boy dicks today, mine wasnt small. Lars was just huge!

I didnt know much about sex back then. I was what you would consider as a nerd. I knew and still knows a loth about everything. But back then I was the nerd, the geek. My mom bought my clothes, my underwear, everything. I didnt care. I just sat in front of my computer, the tv or read a book. Nothing of that cave me much knowledge about sex.

Well, I must admit seeing a movie in the late 90s, Sleepers, staring Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman about four boys comitting a crime, and goes to a juvenile detension center. I remember seeing the movie with my parent. Laying on the floor carpet and getting turned on by the movie. Back then I didnt knew what turned me on – today I know(And you will too, if have seen the movie).

Back to my friend. Lars and I compared our dicks. Pretty soon we started doing more than than. We touched each other and licked eacht others dicks. I remember thinking that his tasted very much. Today I know that he had gone into puberty and therefore developed. He licked my dick. I licked his. It went on like that for months. We didnt cum. I dont think I could, but I know he could.

One day we were at Lars place. Another friend of his was there, Morten. We talked about sex, about jerking of(I finally experienced the happiness of jerking of – even if I couldnt cum). Morten took Lars to the bathroom. What happened there I dont know, but when they came back – Lars has cum down his dick.

Lars, Morten and I also stayed at Mortens place sometimes. We watched porn movies, and jerked off together. I remember it as it was today. It is more than 20 years ago since we jerked off together, watching the porn movie on VHS tape, but I remember it as was it today.

Well. It wasnt a gay movie. It was a vintage movie about guy and girl, fucking. But to me it was the shit. I was rock hard, being just 12 years old.

Believe me – what you read here are 100% true! I will post this for now. Next time I will tell you about being turned on by my father, doing stuff in public and having my dog please me – I know I am a perv, but that is the way it is!

Please comment and rate! Thanks for reading!

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