Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is the largest municipality of Belgium and also the administrative capital of the European Union. The city is historical interesting with old buildings and architecture. The cost index is rather high for a city of that size.


It is very easy to get around the city, You are able to take trains from most of Europe to Brussels central station. Are you arriving by plane you can take the train from the airport to the central station. It takes around 30 min and will cost you 9 € as of 2019.

When in the city most things are located rather central in the city. If you stay in the city center most things you will be able to reach on foot. If you prefer public transportation the easiest way is by the busses. It is cheap and reliable.


Due to the fact that Brussels are the “capital” of the European Union accommodation are a bit pricy. A 3 star hotel will cost you around 100 € per night if you book in advance. A 4 star hotel will be around 200€ per night. If you choose hostels you will be able to find accommodations for around 75€ per night. Look around finding affordable accommodation ain Brussels can be a nightmare. Try to stay close to the central station, if you wanna explore the gay life.


Sad to say but Brussels haven’t any bars that offers you the possibility of flashing your rubber gear. There are a place where it is accepted. However if you look to buy rubber gear there are a nice shop located in the city center.

Le Baroque(Google Maps) is a gay bar for everybody however bears are very welcome here. I like the atmosphere of the bar with its friendly staff. Always worth a visit.

Stammbar(Google Maps) is an okay Gay Bar where you can meet people of all ages.


I can’t recommend any clubs for you in Brussels. If you know any, please let me know!


2BE Brussels(Google Maps) are having a large collection of gay underwear, sportswear and loungewear. On top of that their physical store also hold a collection of rubber, leather and more. If you are in Brussels – pay this shop a visit.

Borisboy(Google Maps) offers a collection of especially leather, but also rubber wear.

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