Becoming a rubber slave boy

I had for some days now been watching a guy’ profile on a homo dating site. He had some awesome pictures that drew my attention to his profile. He was wearing rubber or leather in all of the pictures. Then with him he had some boys, all wearing rubber suit.

I could see in his profile that he was into having rubber slaves all around him. He was 52 years old. With me being just 18 years of age, it would be making him pretty much older than me. I cannot say exactly what turns me on about him. I guess it is the sum of it all. I have never thought of being a slave boy for a master. Neither had I thought about wearing a rubber suit. However, I had always had something for older men. I remember being a young teenage boy looking at the older guys in the locker room and fantasying about them and their hot dicks. Sometimes it even gave me a hardon.

After coming back, visiting his profile maybe twenty times, I took the chance and wrote him a letter;

Dear Sir,

I am really getting turned on by your profile. I am an 18-year-old boy who love older guys. I have never been wearing rubber. Neither have I been a slave for some one. However, I would love to try out as your slave boy.

Please Sir, text me back. I really get turned on by your profile and wants to become your boy.

Thank you, Sir

Kindest Daniel

After sending the mail I had a strange feeling. I was at one point very turned on and just waiting for his reply. At the other hand I was a bit frightened by his profile. Now I just had to wait. I couldn’t help but taking out my teen cock and jerk it slowly, while browsing through his profile once more.

The time past on very slowly. It felt like hours, but then after about 10 minutes a reply came from him.

Hey Boy,

Thank you for writing me. Before considering however I should have you as a slave or my boy. You will need to send me some details. Your full name, height, weight, dicksize, shoesize and pictures of you standing without clothes. 

Also tell me what kind of gear you have, and if you are able to, send me pictures of your gear too.

Your potential Master

His reply turned me on even more. I quickly took off my clothes and shot some pictures of me standing in front of my closet-mirror. I couldn’t help it, but my dick was rock hard. I was so turned on from all of this.

I then wrote the next letter to my hopefully upcoming Master. 

Dear Master,

Thank you for writing back to me.

I have attached some pictures of me standing completely naked as you asked for. Unfortunately, I have no gear. My name is Daniel Hansen, I am 170 cm tall, 60 kg, my dick is 18 cm hard and I use a size 42 in shoes.

I am looking forward to hearing from you again.

Kindest Daniel

Once again, minutes felt like hours. After what probably was about 5 minutes, a new message was waiting for me.

Hey Boy,

It looks like you are someone I would like to see in person. Are you able to come to my place tomorrow at 2pm? If I like you, it will be for the rest of the day. Maybe even until the next day. You don’t need to bring anything along. Wear the smallest sports outfit you have – again, THE SMALLEST and no underwear.

Another thing! Don’t jerk your dick !

I am looking forward to meeting you soon.

Your Master

I quickly responded to his message.

Dear Sir,

I am looking forward to meeting you tomorrow. I will try to find something to wear.

Thank you very much for having me come to visit you.

Kindest Daniel

Now I was wondering what kind of clothes I should wear. I went through my drawer. It was hard to find some sports outfit that was as small as he wished for.

Then it hit me that I could check out my little brothers closet. He wasn’t home right now, so I sneaked in. He had just turned 13. Despite that he was a whole lot bigger than I was at his age. I found some soccer knickers and a t-shirt. It was probably too small for him anyway. I tried it on. The knickers and t-shirt were super tight. The t-shirt barely reaches all the way down to the bottom. The set was shiny, except from the crotch area, and of the brand “Hummel”.  My dick was pretty visible. It didn’t help me that I was super turned on by the set.

I went back to my room with the set and just waited for tomorrow. I went to bed early. I just wanted to jack off, but remembered my Master’s order. I fell asleep dreaming about tomorrow.

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