Becoming a rubber slave boy, part 6

I heard somebody unlocking my room. It was my Master. He told me to come out. He took a grip on my mouth. He asked me to open up. He nodded, and gave me a kiss. It was a deep kiss. I tasted beer. He looked at my hard dick. He laughed. He told me that I wasn’t allowed to have a hard dick. He slapped it hard. I fell to my knees. It really hurt. He slapped my dick too good. He laughed at me. He asked me to follow him back to the bar. He ordered another beer and a double vodka.

Once again I had the vodka and he took the beer. He told me that I had passed the first test. But he also told me that when I was accepted as his slave, it could be a lot more extreme than I had already tried it.

He kept me next to him in the bar for some time. He had fallen into a chat with a hot, muscular guy in rubber. He wasn’t much older than me, but looked so handsome and masculine.

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Chapter 6

We still sat in the bar. I could feel the alcohol in my body. I was somewhat dazing off in my own thoughts. I didn’t pay much attention to my Master. That might have been a good thing to do, but it was all new, and bit overwhelming. Suddenly my Master told me to follow him. We walked around the place a bit. We walked down some stairs. Then up some other stairs, until we were in a semi-dark room. I could see a sling in front of me.

My Master ordered me to lay down in the sling. He asked me to move a bit back – then a bit forward. Then finally he tied me up; arms and legs. I felt myself very exposed. I wouldn’t say that it didn’t turn me on, but it was very new to me, and it pushed my limits a bit. My master looked at me at told me to take anyone and anything. He laughed and left the room.

I was laying there in the semi dark room. I was wondering what might happen. What someone might do to me. I was at the same time both curious, nervous and very horny. It even turned me on to just follow my Masters orders. It made me proud in some way, knowing that I was doing exactly what I was told.

Suddenly somebody entered the room. At first I couldn’t see who it was. Then I realized it was the young guy my Master had chatted with in the bar. It kind of turned me on. He was very handsome, muscular and not too old.

He was feeling my body. Pulled in my neck chain. He squeezed my dick and balls. By balls was starting to hurt from being stretched so much.

He unzipped his pants. He was wearing some sort of rubber pants. I remember the type from the store we visited before we came to the club. He took out his dick. He jerked it a bit, it grew large. I couldn’t really see how large. He pulled out my plug and threw it on the floor.

I then felt his dick pressing on my hole. He must have used some sort of lube. I could feel it. However he was way bigger than I had ever tried before. He pushed and pushed and suddenly his dick went inside of me. He started out slowly, but it hurt like hell.

Then I realized that three or maybe four other men was standing, watching and jerking their dicks. I had a hard time concentrating on anything else than the guy and his dick, more or less destroying me. So it felt. I startet to whine a bit. Some of the other men laughed a bit.

The guy fucking me was speeding up. He just kept going faster and faster. I felt like having torn my hole open. However it started to feel more comfortable. He then again increased his speed, I could hear and feel his balls hitting me every time he pounded me. It started to feel good – or maybe I was just drunk and horny.

After what felt like for ever, he took an even firmer grip on my hips and pounded me like never before. He then shot is entire load in my ass. I felt some sort of emptiness when he pulled himself out. Strange feeling.

I didn’t last long before I felt som new hands on my dick. He played with it and with my stretched balls. Then I felt his hands at my hole. I felt how he pushed his fingers in and out my hole. It went so easy. Probably because of all the cum oozing out my hole.

Quickly he put his dick at my hole, and pushed it inside me. He was not near the size of the one before him. However he knew a thing or two about fucking. I felt like heaven. My dick even startet to grow because of the way he fucked me. This time I moaned in stead of whining. Some of the men around me startet to laugh again. One of them said “What a slut – he is so horny”.

The guy fucking me like hell was now pulling himself out. He then moved to my left, and jerked himself off. He suddenly came, and shot his entire load on my body and lower face. I was able to taste some of it.

I was still laying, locked to the sling, now just completely hard and horny as hell. I just couldn’t wait for the next guy to fuck me – or something else to happen. Some time went. The people around me was talking, some was smoking and drinking.

Efter what seamed forever, another guy step up. He was completely in rubber. I could only see his eyes and mouth. He started to feel all over me. It was strange feeling. He played with my dick. That really turned me on. He knew exactly what he did. He held me on the edge. I wasn’t allowed to cum. He just tortured me the best way he knew.

I could see that he unzipped the front of his suit. What seamed to me like a horse dick came out. It was huge. I don’t think that I had ever seen a dick like that. I was beginning to feel the pain already.

He was massaging some lube on his dick, and my hole. Hi pushed his fingers in me, and lubed up my hole pretty well. After that he pushed his dick to my hole, and slowly but steady pushed it inside of me. He didn’t stopped. He just went on. I complained, but with no luck. At the same time he started to jerk me off like wild. I couldn’t think. It was a combination of pleasure, pain, people and lust. I saw my Master came next to me. I wanted to please him. He just looked at us.

Now the guy fucking me pulled himself out a bit, but just to start all over again. Slowly but steady to push his dick inside of me. My Master said “Good boy”. Then he asked me to face him. He held a bottled in front of my nose. Hi told me to inhale as long as I could. I did so. It smelled funny, strong and funny. Then when I could inhale anymore, he told me to hold until he told me to exhale. I did as told. After some seconds, that of course felt like forever, he told me to exhale. I felt a complete rush like never before. I just wanted more action. And that I had. The guy fucking me went like crazy. He pounded me like I didn’t thought possible. I just wanted more. I felt the pain. I felt him. I felt the people around me – and I felt what I later knew as poppers.

Once again my Master asked me to inhale. I did like last time, then hold it, and the released my breath. This time it was even better. And it eased the pain instantly, and made it to a complete pleasure.

This went on three or four times more. Then at the last time, the guy fucking me went like a wild animal. Then her grunted, and shot his load in me. That was fucking huge. I felt like have been to the gym for the entire day. I was exhausted, horny but exhausted.

The guy left me. My Master asked me if I was okay. I said that I was. I asked if he could have me cum. He said no to that. He told me that another test has already begun. The first entire week I was not allowed to cum at all. If happened I would be severely punished for it. I thought to myself that I could do it later tonight.

Maybe it was naive of me to believe that. When we got home my Master had it all sorted for me.

He unleashed me for the sling. I barely could walk. He didn’t care much of that. He just led me to the bar. He paid our bill and we left…

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