Becoming a rubber slave boy, part 5

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I could see that the two guys stroke their dicks on the outside of their pants. My Master saw the same I guess. He laughed. He told them that they where welcome at “The Club” later this evening, if they liked what they saw.

My Master told me to come with him and to put on my clothes. He paid for the paddle, and bought something extra. Some sort of small bottle. I couldn’t figure exactly what it was.

We left the store and my Master told me to get in the car.

Chapter 5

My Master drove on towards the club. He told me that the place we are going to, was a place he visit several times every week. He told me that a lot of his friends would be there. He also told me, that if I wouldn’t obey him as he wanted, he would beat the crap out of me, and kick me back on the street.

I couldn’t stop wondering what might happen tonight. I feared that there would be more spanking. My ass was a bit sore from the last beating.

My Master told me that this would be a major test for me. If I succeeded, I was most likely to become his slave. I had a feeling inside me, that made me try to do my very best. I thanked my Master, and told him that I would do whatever I could to please him. He accepted it, and told me that I was a good boy.

Finally he parked the car. It had become around 22pm. He told me that this was it. He told me to get out of the car. He walked in front of me towards a building with red light outside. The door was big and black. There was no windows. It looked like an old factory with a hint from a taveren. Very strange, but at the same time intimidating, in a good way.

My Master opened the door and walked inside. I followed him. I had butterflies in my stomach. I feared the worst, but hoped for the best. I was really looking forward to serve my Master.

We walked up some stairs. We was inside a small room, or corridor. My Master told me to strip. I took off my clothes. My Master received a bag, and put my clothes in there. He handed over the bag to a clerk and received a number. We walked onwards through a door.

We was now inside a large bar. There where only a few people. Maybe eight or ten guys. Most of them in leather. One with a jockstrap and harness on. One guy was in a red rubber suit. I was the only one naked. I started to get used to it.

Standing in the room, behind my Master, made me realize that I still had my balls stretched, and buttplug up. I also had the heavy chain around my neck.

I looked at my Master, and the other men in the bar. They looked at me. Some of them greeted my Master. I had a strange feeling, that he had forgotten about me.

I was still standing in the middle of the room for some minutes. Finally my Master said that I was his new slave boy. One of them asked about my Masters other slaves. He told them that he still had the other two. He said that he wanted to train me to become a 100% rubber slave pig.

My Master asked me to join him. He told me to sit next to him in the bar. He ordered a beer and a double vodka. It turned out that he took the beer, and handed me the vodka. He told me to drink it. He then chatted with the guy next to him. They talked about everything, including me. My Master told him that he had just ordered my rubber clothes. Now he was having me pass the final tests, to become his ultimate boy.

After my Master had finished his beer, he asked me to follow him. He took me to a darker room, next to the bar. It turned out that it was very big, with several stalls and smaller rooms. More or less like a maze. My Master opened a door, and put me in a small room. It turned out to be a glory hole. He told me that I was to suck every dick that came in. If I refused to, he would know it, and spank me so my ass would bleed.

I moved in the small room, and placed my mouth to the glory hole. I heard the door slam behind me, and it to be locked.

It was strange to sit there, not knowing who would use me. I couldn’t see much from my position. I was on my knees hoping for something good. Maybe my Master wanted to use me.

Finally a guy stepped up in front of my hole. He was in leather pants. He zipped down his pants and pulled out his dick. It wasn’t hard. He put it through the hole. I took it in my mouth. I licked and sucked it the best I could. It started to grow in my mouth. It tasted clean. I sucked the best I could. Tried different techniques. He was now completely hard and started to moan.

This went on for minutes. My dick started to grow to nearly rock hard. I was in heaven. I sucked him for maybe ten minutes, before he came in my moth. I swallowed it all. He didn’t cum much, but it tasted great. He then pulled away.

Once again I was left alone. I was sitting, waiting for maybe 5 minutes. This time it was a guy, wearing jockstrap. He smelled a bit, like the jockstrap hadn’t been washed for weeks. He pulled down the jockstrap. He was nearly hard. He put his dick in my mouth. It tasted of old piss and sweat. I was about to refuse it, but remembered what my Master had told me. I kept sucking and licking it. Finally it started to taste okay. I sucked it the best I could, despite me not liking the smell at first.

It didn’t take that long for him to cum in my mouth. He thanked me. I figured he was pretty old. I was glad it was over now.

I guess 10 minutes passed. Another guy came to me. He was in leather. He looked tall and muscular. He felt my mouth with his fingers. He wore leather gloves. After feeling my mouth and teeth, and gagged me a bit, he took his dick out. He jerked it a few times, and then showed it in my mouth. Not even completely hard yet, it was big, I guess the biggest I have ever sucked. He started some slow rhythm. I got used to it pretty fast. I could feel his dick grow. It started to heart my jaw a bit. It tried to do the best I could. He kept on mouthfucking me for a long time. It felt like forever. Finally he pulled out. He hadn’t cum yet.

I heard somebody unlocking my room. It was my Master. He told me to come out. He took a grip on my mouth. He asked me to open up. He nodded, and gave me a kiss. It was a deep kiss. I tasted beer. He looked at my hard dick. He laughed. He told me that I wasn’t allowed to have a hard dick. He slapped it hard. I fell to my knees. It really hurt. He slapped my dick too good. He laughed at me. He asked me to follow him back to the bar. He ordered another beer and a double vodka.

Once again I had the vodka and he took the beer. He told me that I had passed the first test. But he also told me that when I was accepted as his slave, it could be a lot more extreme than I had already tried it.

He kept me next to him in the bar for some time. He had fallen into a chat with a hot, muscular guy in rubber. He wasn’t much older than me, but looked so handsome and masculine.

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  1. I mentally took the place of the slave boy and I enjoyed it. Your great writing made it easy to create the image of what was going on there. I didn’t get what the effects of the straight shots of vodka were having.

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