Becoming a rubber slave boy, part 4

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Again he went away. This time he came back with something a bit larger. He told me that he would put up a plug. It hurt when he forced it through my hole, but when inside it was okay. A strange but hot feeling to have it in my hole. 

He then left the room. I could hear the door being closed behind him. I was all alone in the room. Couldn’t see anything, couldn’t move my arms and legs. Just laying there, horny, waiting.

Chapter 4

I had lost track of time. Suddenly I heard the door open. I was at one time nervous, but also anxious to find out what he had planned next.

I could feel him touching my dick and my balls. He asked if I had missed him. I quickly replied “Yes”.

That wasn’t the answer he had been waiting for. He punched my balls. I let out a small scream. He dit it again, even harder. He then asked me “Have you missed me” I replied again “Yes”.

He told me “You stupid slave boy. Will you never learn anything?” I didn’t have any time to answer him. He slapped my dick and punched my balls several times. He took my dick in his hand, and squeezed until I screamed. He kept squeezing my dick and now also my balls. He asked me “How do you talk to your master, boy?”. I quickly said “Sorry Sir”. He released his grip on my dick and balls and said “Good boy”. I could feel tears running down my cheeks.

He once again asked me if I had missed him. This time I quickly responded “Yes Sir”. It was a strange feeling. Telling him that I missed him, when just being treated as nothing but a slave with no rights. In my mind i couldn’t believe that I still wanted him more than ever. I had the feeling that I wanted to serve him in any way. My dick and balls hurt like hell, but in a good way. He was the real Master for me. The one and only.

He came up on my side. He twisted my nipples. I moaned out. I could feel my dick going up again. He sort of laughed. He put his tongue in my mouth and kissed me, deep, wet and showing me that he was in control.

He then released my arms and legs. I was kind of sore. I wasn’t used to be locked liked that. He took off my mask, and asked me to follow him back into the house.

He told me it was 7pm and time to get some dinner and then head into town. He told me that he had prepared a meal for us, but that I shouldn’t expect that he would do that in the future. I couldn’t imagine that I had been in his “sex-room” for maybe 3-4 hours. It didn’t feel that long.

He told me to take a place next to him at the table. He then served me a small portion of pasta, and a glass of water. He told me to eat slowly and listen to what was going to happen.

When you have cleaned the dishes, you will once again put on your soccer gear. You will keep the butt plug in, and your ballstretcher and neck chain on. We are heading out. First we will attend a store where we will get you some proper gear. I am not sure they have the perfect suit for you tonight, but they can measure you up and have it ready, if I decide to keep you.

I startet to think. Wasn’t he going to keep me? – The risk of losing my Master was coming to me. I knew it wasn’t sure he was to keep me, but I really hoped that he would.

He kept explaining that he was going to show me to his friends at the club, later this evening. And remember, he told me, you will do whatever I ask you to. If not, I will beat the crap out of you! He said it in a way so I understood that he really meant it.

We finished up our meal. I cleaned the dishes, and once again put on my soccer clothings. You could really see the bulge in the front. The ballstretcher was doing a great job.

We went out to the garage. He had two cars, a BMW X6 and and older cabriolet. I couldn’t see exactly what brand it was. I started to wonder what he did for a living. I couldn’t dare to ask him, not yet. He told me to step into the BMW. We drove off. I looked at him. He looked very handsome to me. Tall, muscular and very sexy in his leather pants, black boots and now also a leather jacket.

He startet telling me about this fetish store in the city. He told me that I need to have some rubber gear. He wants me something for several occasions. Both when being at home, when outside and when we are going to clubs.

He told me that for him, being a master is a lifestyle. He runs a business that is going well, so well that he has the chance to expand his hobby. Thats why he accepted me to come for a tryout.

I dared myself to ask what kind of business. He responded that he was in real estate and that he owned some buildings for rent. He told me that he had been in the business since he was very young, and slowly but steady expanded it all.

Things started to settle in my head. He did something to me. He made me feel safe. Even that he has already been threatening me, and also beaten my balls and dick. I couldn’t stop hoping for a full-time contract with him. Even tho I haven’t really gotten to know him.

After driving for about 10 minutes. He told me “This is is”. He parked the car outside a rustic building. No windows, no sign. Just and old building that might have been some sort of factory decades back.

He asked me to step out. I could see quit a few people walking the streets. I was a bit nervous to show myself in this outfit. However I convinced myself that I had no choice. It was Masters order.

He opened a door, and more or less pushed me through. Inside was some stairs down. He just sort of kept pushing me the way. I walked down the stairs. It turned out to be a huge basement, somewhat bunker-style. The first thing I saw was a desk, made out of metal. A man around 50 years of age looked up, and said “Hello John – Nice to see you”. My Master replied him kindly and told him that his new boy need some proper clothes.

The man responded, smiling, saying “What you want for him, John?” They talked more or less like I wasn’t here, or me being some thing that didn’t has its own opinion.

My Masters asked for a “full rubber suit”, “pants and shirt”, “shorts and tank top” and some other accessories. The man responded that it would be his pleasure.

My Master asked me to strip my clothes. I hesitated a bit. He then told me that he hadn’t got all night. The man in the store laughed and asked whatever the boy was all new? My Master told him that I had just arrived today. The man said “Fine looking boy – you just need to train him a bit.

After my Masters order, I took off my clothes and stood naked, except for the ballstretcher and chain. The man said to my Master that it’s just for measuring. My Master told him that its no big deal. It’s good for the boy to know that he is lower than other people.

We walked around the store. The man showed us a lot of different rubber clothes. He and my Master talked about it. I was wondering how it would be to wear it.

Two other clerks were in the store. They didn’t pay us much attention. After maybe 10 minutes, I heard the front door open, a bell rang. I looked toward the stairs. Down came two young guys. They might be around 25 years old.

One of the other clerks addressed them and greeted them welcome. The clerk wasn’t on a first name basis with those customers. I couldn’t stop looking at them. One of them looked at me, and told his friend to look over to where I was. I started to blush a bit, I had never tried anything like this.

The man being with us started to measure me. He praised my Master for finding such a nice boy. Good proportions. My Master told him that he looked forward to really use the boy. It was still strange for me to be there, without being a part of the conversation.

After being measured all up, I was kind of left alone again. Of course I stayed close to my Master, but now I wasn’t the one being paid any attention.

My Master found the styles that the store should create for me. They talked a bit about delivery-time and so on. The man told my Master that it could be done within two weeks. My Master told him that he would call in to place the order. The boy is still on trial. The man laughed and said “Sure – No problem”.

I could hear the front door open again, and another couple came in. It was a guy wearing leather, like my Master, and a younger guy wearing tight jeans and a polo shirt. The guy with the polo shirt had piercing in the nose and ears. His hair was very short, and I thought he looked so hot.

My Master told the man with us, that he had forgot a paddle or whip. He told the man that he was probably gonna need it tonight. Then my Master looked at me, not angry, but definitely not happy.

The man told my Master that of course. Come with me. The two younger guys was not far away from us. They seamed kind of interested in us. We came into a room with a lot of equipment; whips, paddles, sticks, chains and many thing I didn’t know of.

My Master and the clerks looked at different things and talked about it. My Master found some sort of paddle with spikes on it. He looked satisfied. At the same time the two boys came into the room. They made it look like they check out the different things. I guess they where more interested in what was going on. One of them couldn’t stop staring at me.

The Clerk with us asked however my Master liked the paddle. My Master sort of nodded. The man then told him that he was welcome to try it out. My Master nodded again. He then asked me to grab some sort of pole in the room and bend over. Now everybody in the room turned and looked at me.

I was unsure how it would be. The first stroke hit me. It wasn’t so bad. Then again. I kind of enjoyed it. I guess I was very naive. I should have figured out that it would go to be harder and harder. So it was. He kept going for maybe 40 lashes. At the final lash, tears came down my cheeks. My Master stopped. He laughed and said okay, I will take it.

I could see that the two guys stroke their dicks on the outside of their pants. My Master saw the same I guess. He laughed. He told them that they where welcome at “The Club” later this evening, if they liked what they saw.

My Master told me to come with him and to put on my clothes. He paid for the paddle, and bought something extra. Some sort of small bottle. I couldn’t figure exactly what it was.

We left the store and my Master told me to get in the car.

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