Becoming a rubber slave boy, part 3

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He told me to strip my clothes immediately. I stood up and did so. At the same time, he asked me what size it was. I told him that it was my brothers soccer set from when he was maybe 11 or 12 years old. My Master laughed of it, and told me, that I would be wearing that again, in public.

After taking of my clothes, he asked me to remain standing. He stood up at looked my body all over. He asked me to put my hands behind my neck. He then looked my body all over. Squeezed my nipples. Played with my dick. Squeezed my balls again and spread my cheeks to see my butthole. He spanked my but a few times. I moaned.

He then turned me around. My cock was hard. He looked at it. He laughed and then he kissed me. Not like a father or mom would kiss his boy. No, a very passionated and very wet kiss.

I felt like being in heaven. I couldn’t think of anything else than my Master.

Chapter 3

He broke the kiss and gave me a light slap on my cheek. He told me to follow him. Now it was time to check me out, he said.

I followed him through the house. The house was pretty big, bigger than I had imagined when seeing it from outside. We walked through the kitchen, to a corridor that lead to another building. It turned out to be an old stable, but completely renovated into a livable place.

We walked through another corridor, with doors on each side. He told me that this was the place I would spend most of my time when at his place. He opened the second door to the left. It was more or less like some sort of a cell. It was very dark. He switched on the light. I could see no windows. The room was equipped with black tiles on floor and walls. In the far end of the room, there was a bed with rubber sheets. Next to the door stood a table and a chair.

I could see a metal ring and a chain on the table. He sat in the chair and told me to come closer, and spread my legs. He then took the ring and told me that it was a ball stretcher. He took a grip around my balls, pulled them down. He then took the ballstretcher and put on. It was a special feeling. Kind hurting me, but it also turned me on. My dick started to rise. He laughed at me and told me that I was nothing more than a dirty slave. He then took the chain. It was very big. He put it around my neck and put on a lock. I guess it was weighing around 1 kilo at least.

He told me that I was going to wear this equipment most of the time. The ballstretcher will be getting bigger, he told me.

He got up and told me to follow him. He went down the corridor to the very end, and opened the door. It was a large room with white tiles on floor and walls. The room had tables and some sort of benches. This is my playroom he told me.

He told me to walk over to a special chair, and lay down in it. He came over. Put my arms in special locks. He then put each of my legs up and locked them to some chains. He now had free access to my dick, balls and ass. I couldn’t do anything but to lay there and let him control me.

I was laying there for maybe a minute or two. He came to me with something that turned out to be a rubber mask. He put it over my face. It covered my eyes and nose. I couldn’t see anything.

I could hear him walking around me. I was horny as hell, but my dick wasn’t hard at the moment. It was a strange feeling to have my balls in a stretcher, and blinded with a mask, i couldn’t see anything.

He now came back to me. I could feel him standing between my legs. He told me that he would see how much I could take up my ass. He wore gloves. I could feel one finger with lube at my hole. It popped through my hole pretty easy. Then I felt two fingers and then three. It started to hurt in my hole. He finger fucked my hole.

After a few minutes he pulled out his fingers. I now felt something else at my hole. It was a dildo. He started to fuck my hole with it. It felt soo good! I started to moan. That made him speed up the fucking.

My dick was rock hard. I could feel the ballstretcher stretch my skin with my dick and balls.

He now went away. He came back with another dildo. It felt a little larger than the first one. He inserted the dildo. He fucked me slowly. I moaned again. He speeded up. It felt so great.

Again he went away. This time he came back with something a bit larger. He told me that he would put up a plug. It hurt when he forced it through my hole, but when inside it was okay. A strange but hot feeling to have it in my hole.

He then left the room. I could hear the door being closed behind him. I was all alone in the room. Couldn’t see anything, couldn’t move my arms and legs. Just laying there, horny, waiting.

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