Becoming a rubber slave boy, part 2

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I woke up at around 7am. I was rock hard, dreaming of what was about to happen today. I couldn’t really imagine what it would be like, but I sure was looking forward to it.

While thinking about what was about to happen, I turned on my phone. I logged in to the dating-site and could see that a new message was waiting for me. I feared that my upcoming Master would turn the session off. 

I opened the message. 

Hey Boy,

Are you looking forward to obeying and serve your Master?

Remember to shave well before coming to me – and don’t be late !

Your Master

After fearing that the “date” was off, I immediately came back into my hot state of mind. I couldn’t get those pictures from his profile off my head. I wondered if I, in the future, would be in one of those pics…?

I couldn’t stop thinking about what might happen. The time went past so slowly. I had some breakfast and told my mom that I would be out at least today, maybe till tomorrow. I told her I was visiting a friend and we might have a little party. 

She was okay with that. She told me she would be out this afternoon and that I should take care. I couldn’t stop smiling because of that.

I took a long shower. Shaved my cock completely. I am not very hairy, but I have a little around my cock and up my stomach. I came out of the shower and rushed to my room. I could hear my mom leaving the house. That was the signal I had waited for – the coast was clear.

I got dressed. The soccer-set felt event smaller today. It must have been from when my brother was maybe 11 or 12 years old. 

My Master lived about 20 minutes ride on my bike from here. I took off so I had enough time to get to him. I had butterflies in my stomach. At some point I even thought of not going. But I convinced myself that it was what I wanted. 

I got off my bike 5 minutes before I had to be at his place. He lived on a farm, just outside the city. I went up to his door. Looking down my body, hoping he would approve my outfit. I rang the doorbell. 

It took some time for him to come. Again, something hit me. Maybe it was a setup. Maybe some young guys wanted to make fun of a gay guy.

Finally, the door opened. The guy of my dream was standing in front of me. He was wearing leather pants and a white tank top. He looked pretty muscular and way bigger than me. He looked at least 2 meters tall. I later found out he was 192 cm.

I said, “Good day, Sir”. He sort of nodded back. He asked if I was here to try out as his slave boy? I quickly replied, “Yes Sir”. He replied “Good, come on in!”.

He then turned around and led the way. I followed him into what turned on to be the living room. He sat on the couch and asked me to sit next to him. 

He asked me how I was, if I was nervous and if I would be willing to obey him completely. I replied that I was a bit nervous, but I would try my best to be his boy.

He then asked if I would like to sign some sort of a contract with him, making me his boy. He told me that if I signed the contract, I should live with him and leaving my past behind me. I was hesitating a bit on that part. He then told me, that it wasn’t something I should agree on today.

We talked for some time. I became more and more secure on him. I relaxed and was actually becoming a bit curious. Was he actually as his profile said? I later found out that he was much more than that.

After a very long small talk, he turned the conversation, and asked whatever I had something I disliked, or something I wouldn’t do. I asked him what he meant. He told me that it could be in public or a sexual thing. I thought a bit of that and then I told him that there wasn’t much I wouldn’t do. I told him I was very new to everything, but that I wanted to trust him, to do whatever he felt best. I also took the courage to ask him what he liked and disliked. 

He then told me that he liked to be in control, and the only thing he didn’t like was shit and puke. I had never thought of those things as something I should do. It scared me a bit, but I felt confident that I was safe about those things.

He laughed a bit. I guess he could see that it was a little too much for me. He said, “You are young and new, boy.” “Don’t worry. I will control you in a way you have never imagined” “You will feel so safe with me, in my control”.

He then started to touch and feel my body. Complimenting my choice of clothes. He squeezed my nipples and placed a hand on my crotch. It felt so good that I popped a boner right away. He dealt with that very easily. He just squeezed my cock and balls, first just firmly. It turned me on even more. Then he really squeezed my cock and balls. I moaned. I never thought that something that hurt me like that could be so good. He squeezed even more, before he finally let go.

He said to me that I would be the perfect boy for him. I just had to wait and see. He told me about the house rules. I must never wear real clothes inside. Rubber would be my number one priority. If I hadn’t anything to put on at the time, I should be completely naked. And then I should be wearing a lot of metal; chains, ballstretcher, cockring, prins albert and so on. I looked confused at him. He just laughed and told me that we would get to that. He then added that when outside the house he would control what I would wear and do.

He looked at me and asked if I was okay with that. I didn’t really know what all of it was, but I was so turned on that I just said yes. He then slapped my face and asked me what I said. I said once again Yes. He then slapped me again, even harder. He also grapped my balls and squeezed them even harder than before. He kept squeezing while telling me that I was always to address him as Sir, or Master. I quickly applied “Yes Sir”. He nodded satisfied, and then released the grip of my balls.

He told me to strip my clothes immediately. I stood up and did so. At the same time, he asked me what size it was. I told him that it was my brothers soccer set from when he was maybe 11 or 12 years old. My Master laughed of it, and told me, that I would be wearing that again, in public.

After taking of my clothes, he asked me to remain standing. He stood up at looked my body all over. He asked me to put my hands behind my neck. He then looked my body all over. Squeezed my nipples. Played with my dick. Squeezed my balls again and spread my cheeks to see my butthole. He spanked my but a few times. I moaned.

He then turned me around. My cock was hard. He looked at it. He laughed and then he kissed me. Not like a father or mom would kiss his boy. No, a very passionated and very wet kiss.

I felt like being in heaven. I couldn’t think of anything else than my Master.

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