Becoming a rubber pig

I went out down to my local fetish bar at the weekend. I’d agreed to meet a mate there in rubber, so wore rubber jeans and t-shirt.

We met up and had a few drinks and chatted. After a while I went for a wander around the dark area, where my dick suddenly firmed up when I saw a rubber daddy in waders chaps and jacket leading a slave off into the smoking area. I followed them and looked on as the daddy installed his will on the slave, and had him hooked up into a sling in no time.   The daddy saw me and ushered me in towards the sling to fuck his slave.

I said ‘I don’t do raw’ and the daddy smiled and handed me some water. After a few mouthfuls I was beginning to feel strange yet horny and before I knew it, I was positioning myself at the slave’s hole ready to fuck him. As I began thrusting in and out I felt a finger probe my gradually dilating hole, and the daddy whispered to me about my ‘hot tight hole’.

I was starting to lose myself and found the daddy starting to line his cock up at my hole, which was betraying me and begging to be filled.  

As I came up the slaves hole, I slumped over and kissed his hooded head. All the time this was happening, my own hole was being violated but I was beginning to not mind. My ass had never been used in this way and slowly wanted more and more.

The daddy removed the slave from the sling and told me to hop in. Now I was hungry for this daddy to take me and become his slave.  As I laid down, he strapped me in and said ‘one final touch’ before placing a collar around my neck. I’d never been so horny, and due to whatever was in the water, was beginning to turn into a slut. ‘Yep, you’re hot boy. I know what you need’, and he started to fuck me again.

I was flying at this point. Then the daddy leaned towards my ear and told me ‘I’m going to make you mine boy, but that ass suggests you need using’. I just nodded and kept saying ‘yes! Yes! You’re the first to have me raw’ with all these slutty things I was saying, it seemed to drive him on. I can’t recall exactly how much longer I spent in that sling, but I awoke in a cage a few hours later, this time I was leashed to a hook.

I struggled but movement was limited, and there was a dogbowl which had water in it in the cage, but after I drank it, I settled down and relaxed.   As the daddy entered the room, he was in a full rubber suit, and carrying another one for me to wear. He summoned me to his feet from the cage and helped me out of my own gear into the full suit.

Soon I was getting hard from seeing the two of us in the suits and he produced a pair of hoods for us to wear. Soon we were like a pair of rubber drones. He secured the collar back around my neck and tugged at the lead for me to move. I gradually was lead to his sling in the corner of the room. I was no longer caring how long I’d been there or what was my destiny. As I hopped into the sling, the daddy strapped me in, and placed mittens on my hands. I now just looked like a rubber thing to be used.   ‘It takes a certain kind of pig to get me interested slave’ he said, as was adjusting the height, ‘and you, whether you like it or not, are going to become MY pig, but to do that you are going to be bred to my specification’.

I felt the zip in the suit ass area begin to be unzipped, and flashes of worry mixed with horniness had me giddy. ‘to be my boy, you need my seed running through your veins, my toxic seed will bend you to my will, change you and your outlook boy’.

I was feeling his fingers at my hole, knowing that I had been chosen to serve this rubber daddy was making me moan with pleasure, obliterating the common sense of the reality, that this rubbered god was going to poz me and own me.   As he begun to fuck me harder, I knew that this was my destiny.

Flying on poppers and chemmed drink, the rubber pig I had in my mind began to unleash itself and take over me. Making me feel like this was my purpose. ‘Get ready pig, here comes your future’ He grunted as he came up me, his seed seemingly flowing up into me. He gasped as he emptied the last of his load in my ass, and stayed in there as he slumped over and caught his breath.

I whispered ‘thank you’ as he pulled out. He kissed me and smiled as he said ‘This is your new life pig, I wanted a new toxic rubber boy, and soon you’ll be one’. I was elated. Exhausted. Inside me something had broken, now all there was in there now was a desire to serve my daddy and make him proud.

Come Sunday evening, I was well and truly fucked. A one-time safe neg boy, now finding himself sliding towards toxic piggery. As the evening began to draw in, daddy took me into his playroom and had me dress up in an assless rubber wrestling singlet. When I thought  that would be that, he mentioned he’d been in contact with some other rubber pigs who he wanted to come over and train me up to be their cumdump, and that the wrestling suit will allow them all to get their loads in me. I smiled, as I knew a part of me died and was reborn.

Serving a rubber daddy and being used for his pleasure would be the perfect way to erase my previous existence. To thank him, I fell to my knees and began to suck on the cock that had changed my priorities.   Things change. Priorities.

It had been five months since I’d become the property of my Rubberpigdad. After a short illness, I had an HIV test and it came back positive. My initial devastation wasn’t as much as I thought it would be. Becoming poz felt right.

Daylight was a random affair. I had begun to wear rubber all the time as he commanded, and it was only a matter of time before it would become untenable to keep it a secret under my workclothes. I had become used to the plugs Rubberpigdad would use to keep the cum up my hole too, and realising that my normal life was no longer an option, I decided to take him up on the offer and submit fully to him 24/7. To be permanently collared and rubbered at his disposal.

Fortunately he worked mostly from home and so would regularly breed me. I’d basically become his slave/ boy/ pig whatever and was happy to serve him. That weekend, Rubberpigdad said he’d wanted me to pass on the baton. I was stoked up. I’d been told to not wank or cum – which seeing as I had a CBT device on my cock, I couldn’t really do anyway, and to wear my tightest suit. As I’d been muscling up to Rubberpigdad’s specifications, the suit fitted me like a skin substitute, making me feel incredible. Like some human sex toy with muscles showing in the tight shiny black material.

I hooded up, and was completely rubbered from head to toe. As midnight neared, Rubberpigdad and I drove into town to that bar where I first met him. The bar was full of hot guys in leather and rubber. I could visualise what some of these guys looked like out of gear, and the thought that they succumbed to their fantasies – which I had done – caused me to get hard.

Rubberpigdad lead me into the club on a leash and guys stared at as. Some in fear. Some in awe. We sat at the bar, and Rubberpigdad told me of his plans for the evening. “you need a brother, boy” I was intrigued “I want you to select who will become your pigbrother and my second slave, when you have chosen, we will take him and you will spend however long it takes to make him poz and bring him into the family”. Once upon a time I would’ve been horrified at such a thing, but tonight I was licking my lips at the challenge and desperate to please my owner.  

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  1. I hope that I find a brother that is satisfactory to my rubber master. I looked around the club and found several prospects looking at me. I saw several were hard and smiling when they saw that I was hard and had a bulge which was enhanced by MY ballstretcher.
    A blond boy looked real hot and looked no more than 16 but because he was in the club he had to be at least 18
    I went over to him and asked him If I could buy him a drink.
    He followed me like a puppy.
    At the bar I ordered a double shot of vodka for him and water for me.
    I told him to drink the vodka like a shot and I did the same with water.
    I after a while I could he was getting a buzz, We sat there for a while and did another drink. This time it was vodka for us both. Before he could drink it I said said share like brothers. We mixed both drinks into one glass and then poured them in to separate glasses and each of us drank it in one burning gulp Master came over and said I see you found a brother. Invite him home with us. The brother to be agreed.

  2. to continue:
    In the BEEMER ride back to the house I had my hand on his leg and he did not object. I slid my hand up higher and felt his rigid member and stroked it though his rubber suit.
    He said that he liked what I was doing and he reached over and grabbed my raging hard on
    With that he leaned over and gave me one wet slobbery kiss that went way into my throat. I sucked his tongue as far into my throat as I could and would not let him go until I felt that his stroking me had me right on the edge. We broke the kiss just as we got back to the house.
    All 3 of us went into the magnificent front room After we all sat down Master Jon asked if we wanted another drink.
    with a resounding YES: SIR ordered me to fetch them: Into the kitchen I went and poured a double SKYY for me and a triple for Paul, and a beer for Master
    After I gave them their drinks, Peter proceeded to tell Master who our guest was,
    His mame is Peter.
    He likes rubber as much as I do and can he stay for the rest of the weekend?
    Master Jon said Yes of course . But he will have to bunk in with you
    Peter had his away bag with him so that would make things easy.
    Master got up and said what the house rules were:
    ! No smoking of anything, No coming without my express permission
    2 My name is MASTER JON. OR SIR
    3 At all times you will obey me without hesitation
    4 Because Peter selected you so you will be his brother in every way
    5 He has seniority over you.
    6 Violations will dealt with appropriate punishment
    Paul do you understand these rules? And can you abide by them?
    Paul shrugged and said “yea, I guess so
    Master Jon went over to him and gave hip a slap that was to get his attention
    Master Jon asked the question again and got the same answer.. Master Jon got tired of his answers and told him the correct answer was YES SIR
    I’ll ask you one more time and if not correct there is the door, and don’t let it hit you on your ass as you leave. So what is your answer now
    Paul answered Yes Sir.
    Peter show Paul to your room and where he will be sleeping. then both of you meet me in the training room.

    Will continue

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