Aarhus, Denmark

Aros and "Your Rainbow Panorama" by night, seen from Vester Allé

The second largest city in Denmark is Aarhus, home to around 275.000 people. Compared to other cities Aarhus is rather small, but with its friendly and cosy atmosphere it is something unique.


If you wanna visit Aarhus, the easiest way is by car or train. The best way to get around the city is by bus or using the newly introduced tram.


There are some very nice hotels in Aarhus. If you are heading for SLM I recommend that you stay at “Hotel Carmel” one night will be around 120 EUR.


Nearly every bar in Aarhus are gay friendly, but one stand for it self. GBAR(Google maps) will be the place to go if you are gay. Unfortunately you won’t find any real gay bars in the city.


SLM Aarhus(Google maps) is the place to visit if you are into rubber. The club is for people into rubber, leather, sportsgear and more. The club is small, but the atmosphere is right. They hold different events and welcomes non-member with friendliness.

You may find other places around the city, both clubs and shops. If you are into rubber SLM Aarhus will be the only place for you.

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